Hosting Overview

Your web site needs reliable, banner-free hosting. We understand the importance of web hosting and offer it as an additional service to new and existing customers.

We are not an Internet Service Provider, but we have developed technical relationships with many ISP's and hosting services. We can work with your existing ISP, or suggest a several alternative hosting platform options across a range of prices that match your requirements. Our role is liason, not reselling.

We can handle everything from registering and maintaining your domains as well as securing a hosting account. We can help you choose and register extra domain names to be used for search engine promotion, television, radio and press campaigns - providing you a means to track each of your marketing efforts independently of each other.

Our Web Hosting plans include all the features you will need and more. We can offer Linux architecture or Windows based. Below is information regarding hosting to help you better understand what's involved.
Why pay for web hosting when you can get it free? Paying for web hosting has several advantages over free hosting such as:
  • Better features, technical support, connections to the internet and the site will be more reliable.
  • No banner advertising on your page
There are some free web hosts which don't place a banner on your page (Service and features are not usually as reliable). Some free web hosts may have excellent features and reliability but poor tech support. Unfortunately, some paid hosts will provide poor service as well.

You will not get as good hosting service from a free web host as from a paid one but if the site was built for fun, free hosting can be the best option.

Always read the terms and conditions. Free web hosting is free as long as you display advertising banners of their choice. Several free web hosts will claim the ownership of the copyright of your pages or not allow you to put your own advertising on the site! There may be special restrictions on what you can or cannot have on your site.
There are literally hundreds of different features that can be included with different hosts. These are some of the more common features:
  • URL/Address: This is only important if you don't have your own domain name. Do you want http://www. or (a sub domain).
  • Space: Most web sites take up very little space. A web page with all its graphics & text is about 35KB. 5MB will be sufficient for very small sites (it will take over 75 pages). If you are making a graphics intensive site or planning to have downloads you may need 200MB +.
  • Bandwidth/Transfer: This is usually quoted monthly. It is the total amount of files which can be transferred in a month from the site. At least (1GB/month) is recommended unless the site is a very small site.
  • CGI-BIN: Interactive scripts (counters, form-to-mail, guestbooks etc.) a CGI-BIN is required. These scripts can be remotely hosted, but may carry advertising for the site which provides them.
  • SSI: A function which allows the designer to tell the server to include something on a particular page. It could be text or CGI generated code.
  • MySQL/Post-Gre/SQL Support: These are database formats. If the site needs to include a database, the server will require this capability.
  • ASP/PERL/PHP Support: These are language formats. If the site needs to include a specific programming language, the server will require this capability.
  • Technical Support: There should at least e-mail technical support. Phone and fax support is good and should be offered by a paid host.
  • E-mail: Most hosts will redirect e-mail. Hosts with POP3 mail will allow connections to their server to get messages retrieval which is better than redirection.
  • FrontPage Extensions: If you use Microsoft FrontPage to make your site and want to make use of the FrontPage Components (like search) you will need these.
  • SSL/Secure Server: (Secured Sockets Layer) Required for secure areas and ordering products or services through the web site.
  • Statistics/Log Files: Provide information about the users of the web site. What files are downloaded? What pages are accessed? The server logs provide all this information.
  • FTP Accounts: These allow you to access you web site to upload files. If you have anonymous FTP, users can log into an area of your site to download files.
  • Platform: This tells what architecture the server uses. Linux or Windows based.
Recommending a service is not something we take for granted, especially when it comes to a decision as important as web hosting. However, we have people asking us almost daily for advice in choosing a reliable web host. We personally use and recommend to meet all your small business web hosting needs.

Hosting Plans

Sixöt Design hosting plans provide a comprehensive range of features at a great price. Choose a server type below to review the features: