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Creating an effective web presence requires more than just putting together a website. It requires understanding your target audience, developing a professional and consistent image, having reliable hosting, and promoting your site. Many companies may meet one or two of these needs, but Sixöt Design's full arsenal of services meets them all.
The requirements of a website vary considerably but usually include several content pages with details about your product or service offered and your contact details. Whether you require an entire web site or need your existing site redesigned, we help you meet your goals from start to finish.
First impressions are critical when it comes to establishing your company's image. We can use your existing artwork or work with you to design an entire identity package for your business. Our graphic designers will work with you until you have the logo and graphics you desire. Graphics required for use in a web page are made web-ready, these are created in the correct format (.GIF, JPEG or PNG etc.) for the image type, and then web optimized to strike the fine balance between good image quality and minimal file size.
The ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of computers is a key reason for their popularity. Web applications are used to implement Content Management Systems, webmail, databases, online retail sales (e-commerce), online auctions, wikis, discussion boards, weblogs, and perform many other functions. We can tailor web applications to meet your needs.
Every website has a need for ongoing maintenance and development. Sixöt Design can ensure that your website is maintained to your companies standards. Our maintenance plans include: website enhancements, adding new content, search engine optimization, bug fixing and technical support.
We can help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Promotion. Our SEO services provide better search engine positioning and rankings. Our search engine optimization services and search engine submission services allow for your website to start attracting visitors to your website through all of the most popular search engines.
Waiting for people to find your web site on a search engine can be a slow process. As internet competition increases, passive marketing will leave you running behind. Link building, targeted email and pay-per-click and web banner advertising are just some of the tools of the aggressive internet business person who realizes that getting to a customer before they perceive the need to use a search engine is the most profitable option. We can implement and maintain these programs for you, or train you to do them yourself.
Social Media
Social Media is yet another way to market your website and get recognized b search engines. Applications such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn are just a few of the ways available to create an online network for your business.
Your website needs reliable, banner-free hosting. We understand the importance of web hosting and offer it as an additional service to new and existing customers. Our recommended Web Hosting plans include all the features you will need and more. We can offer both Unix/Linux architecture or Windows based architecture.

Written on Monday, 16 November 2009 10:01 by Matt Black

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