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Term Definition

A Microsoft operating system platform that incorporates applications, a suite of tools and services as well as a change in the infrastructure of the company's Web strategy. Microsoft views this new technology as revolutionary, enabling Internet users to do things that were never before possible, such as integrate fax, e-mail and phone services, centralize data storage and synchronize all of a users computing devices to be automatically updated.


10BaseT is a protocol that supports Ethernet communications over twisted copper wire much like a telephone cord.

Absolute Link

A link showing the entire URL versus the short URL that a relative link uses. An absolute link can be placed anywhere on on any webpage and will always point to the same place whereas a relative link will not.

Access Log

A list of requests that users have requested from a website. These are generally used when generating statistics. Access logs can record things such as long long a user was on a specfic page, their IP address, etc.


Created by Microsoft, these are controls that can be downloaded from the Internet to perform a variety of different fucntions. These are "activated" by a web browser when viewing a webpage. An example of one of these "controls" is animation.


Another name for a web address or URL.


Similiar to a "bot", an agent is a program that are given well defined but small tasks to complete then report back.


Acronym for Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX). AJAX is used to utilize the abilities of Javascript and XML to create interactivity on a webpage.


This refers to the position of text, an image, a Table, or DIV tag on a web page. Most commmonly used are left, right and center.

Alt text

Alt text is a short sentence or paragraph used to describe the image.


An open source web browser editor from W3C. Visit the Amaya website for more information.


In Internet Terms; The study of user activity on a web site or web application to understand how well it fulfils its objectives.

Anonymous FTP

A method for downloading files from an FTP server without using an authorized account.


An open source web server that is mostly used for Unix, Linux and Solaris platforms.


Acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII).

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